End of the Road Songs - by Leah Goldberg
The road is very pretty - said the boy
The road is very hard - said the youth
The road is very long - said the man
The old man sat by the road to rest

The sunset dyes his white hair with gold and red
The grass shimmers at his feet with evening dew
The last bird of the day sings above,
Can you remember
how hard, how long was the road?

You said day follows day and night - night.
The days progress - you said in your heart,
And you saw evenings and mornings in your windows,
And you said, there is nothing new under the sun

And here you are, aged, old and gray
and your days are numbered, increasingly precious
And you know, each day is the last under the sun
And you know, nothing new each day under the sun

Teach me, my god, bless and pray
The secret of wilting leaves, The brilliance of ripe fruit
This freedom: to see, to feel, to breathe
To know, to hope, to fail

Teach my lips a blessing and a song of praise
When your time renews with morning and night
So that my day won't be as yesterday and the day before it
So that my day would not become of habit.

    - Leah Goldberg (my translation from Hebrew 4/01)